• What is it?
  • What's in it
    for you?
  • What's in it for
    your clients?
  • How much is it?

A Smartphone App
for your business

Leads to more clients and
generates increased income

We'll make it for you, ready in 3 days

More money
& more clients ...

Fill cancelled appointments within minutes, recover
up to 25%
of your income.

Send special offers, updates and social feeds to constantly remind clients about you.

One touch referrals...
fast and easy way for your clients to refer you.

Put your business in your client's pocket - appointment reminders, navigation and many more useful features.

Convenience, tips
& unique offers

  • Built - in appointment reminders & one touch appointment Requests
  • Easy access to your details - one tap call, email and navigation to your door
  • Helpful topical tips for your clients
  • Access to advertised appointment time slots
  • Unique offers, specials and updates

Designed to
Pay For Itself!

Two months free trial
Only $99 per month

Based on an annual subscription. For further pricing options, see pricing page.

Two months FREE trial
NO contracts
Zero upfront costs
Cancel any time
Low monthly premium
Designed to pay for itself

What’s the catch?
Real customer results
11 Referrals = $16,500
24 Appointments = $1,920
Total extra revenue potential:
1 months App use
6 Referrals = $9,000
11 Appointments = $880
Total extra revenue potential:

Essential Features.

  • Re-book Cancelled Appointments
    Recover up to 25% of your income.
  • Instant, free Notifications
    No more sms fees.
  • One touch referral system.
    Make it easy for clients to refer you.
  • Send updates, Integrated   
    Automatic display of all your social posts.
  • Integrated Hints &Tips
    Inbuilt, customisable tips for your clients to use.
  • On-Phone Direction to your door
    Plus one touch call, email and website.
and more...

What do you get?

A Powerful Mobile Application

The App is a complete mobile marketing and communication solution for providers of personal services, such as dentists, hairdressers, and masseurs. It is available for iPhone and Android smart phones. Built-in integration with social media and GPS maps and enables email, SMS, and voice communications.

Service providers use the App to communicate with customers. They make announcements, promote specials, and follow-up customer referrals. Broadcasting a last-minute opening in your schedule in order to re-book a cancelled time slot is a popular use of the App.

Customers use the App to communicate with you. They request appointments, refer you to friends, respond to your offers, view your marketing materials, and see your social media posts. It lets them create auto-reminders for their appointments and then guides them to your office via GPS.

Marketing Automation

If the App required a lot of your time to manage, it simply wouldn't be very useful. That's why most of the App's capabilities and client communications are automated. We deliver a complete solution pre-configured with your branding, client database and personalized auto-emails. Your contribution is limited to creating short announcements of available time slots, daily specials, or other news.

Web Control Center

Most of the App's marketing magic is automated - you do nothing. However, after we've built and brought your App online, you can contribute content to achieve even better results. Access the App through an intuitive web control center to create announcements to your clients, such as newly available appointment times, daily specials, or other company news. You can also retrieve contact information for client referrals you receive and reach out to those people.

To get all this, you would normally expect to pay tens of thousands
in development, marketing and IT consulting costs.

Personalized for Your Business

The App reflects your branding, your voice, and your style. It communicates only to your clients and to the friends they refer to you. All data is secured for your use only.

Fast, intuitive setup

The App is a complete solution, customized for your business. We are able to install, configure, and deliver the App within 3-4 business days* complete with your branding (from your website or other materials provided) and customer list. That's all - your App is online and available for your customers.

All the User Support You'll Ever Want

Honestly, after the initial set-up, our clients require very little direct support. But we still man the HelpDesk, waiting for the rare phone call or email.

Promotional Material

The last piece of the puzzle - we show your clients how to download and use the App! You receive promotional materials that encourage your customers to install the app on their phones. The package includes an attractive poster for your lobby or waiting room, leaflets to hand out or mail, and phone or email scripts that concisely state the client benefits. It's $190 value that's free for our quick-start customers.

And All the System Support You Never Have to See

As a hosted solution, we maintain and support the App to provide near 100% uptime. Deployed in a state-of-the-art data center, the App and your client data exists in fail-safe redundancy and is managed 24/7 by trained technicians to deliver high performance, security, and accuracy.

We have engineered a solution that allows you to have your
own App for fraction of standard development costs

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